Two Reasons Why You Should Take Your Family On An Apple Picking Outing

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If you're the type of person who regularly takes your family on a weekly or bi-weekly outing you just might be running out of ideas. You've been to the movies so many times that your children may groan at the very thought of another box of popcorn, and there's only so many times you can go to the bowling alley, arcade or local water park. However, while it might seem that you've run the gamut of entertainment haunts, there's another alternative that might not have crossed your mind: going apple picking. Use this information to learn more about why you should take your family apple picking at an orchard for your next family day.

Apple Picking Is A Natural Form Of Exercise

Although your family might balk at the idea of actually performing some sort of structured exercise, the situation could be quite different when it comes to an orchard. They'll be unknowingly getting in a great workout thaaffectsts so many different parts of their bodies. It's exercise without the unnecessary stress.

Understand that when you go apple picking you'll be stretching to reach up and grab ripe apples from those higher branches. You'll also be kneeling down to grab some of the fruit that may have escaped your grasp. Pair this with the amount of walking and excited running that your children are sure to do as they scramble to get as much fruit as possible and you have an incredible workout on your hands. 

An added benefit is that after you're done picking apples your clan gets the opportunity to sample the bounty. This can make the entire day seem absolutely worth it.

Apple Picking Creates Wonderful Memories

Another reason why you should go apple picking with your family is because helps to create wonderful memories. It's so easy to go see a movie and forget about the event almost as soon as you get back home. Apple picking is one of the rare, heart-warming occasions that you can even turn into an annual event. Even if your family seems reluctant to get into the spirit initially, they're sure to change their tune and come around to experience an incredible event that is sure to be remembered.

Taking your family to an apple orchard could be the key to bringing everyone closer together and enhancing your bond. For help planning your apple picking outing, check out sites like EMMAKRUMBEES.COM.